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The bear hunt

What’s the difference between new business selling and managing existing customers?  

A new business rep and an account manager hire a cabin in the woods to go bear hunting.  When they get there the cabin it’s a fine place with a front door off a verandah and a back door leading back out to the woods.  

But it’s a bit messy so the account manager says they’ll tidy it up. The new business rep can’t be bothered with that so grabs a gun and goes out the front door.  

A few minutes later the front door bursts open and the rep rushes in followed by a bear. He slams the front door shut leaving the rep, the account manager and the bear inside the cabin.  The rep then runs out the back door slamming it shut behind him leaving the bear and the account manager in the cabin.

As he leaves he shouts “You look after this one …I’m going to get the next one.”  . . . And that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between new business selling and account management.