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SalesLevers in Raconteurs Times Sales Performance Report

Gain exclusive access to the latest insights on improving sales performance

We are delighted to announce that our Executive Director, Richard Higham has an article in The Sales Performance Supplement in The Times (page 13).

Gain exclusive access to his article and dozens of other fascinating insights from other experts in this space, including our partners, Refract and SalesGlobe.

In this supplement, gain an understanding into :

How sales is changing and how your company needs to adapt;

How top salespeople outperform others;

Whether marketing and sales are morphing into one area;

How AI is having a positive impact on sales training and performance;

And a whole lot more from industry leaders, including Richard Higham of SalesLevers.

Gain exclusive access and download today: Join our Community Space and read this and many more articles in The Sales Performance Supplement in The Times.