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It’s a hard life selling!

We had just won a contract with a leading construction company and in order to pick up on the culture I spent a day at one of their sites.

It was a day when the rain seemed never to stop and the site was a sea of mud. I was interviewing the site manager who paused to peer out through the window.  He grinned as he saw a salesman pull into the parking area and pick his way across the site trying to keep his nice shoes dry and his suit clean.

He grabbed his radio;  “Bill, you on the dump truck?”

“Yes boss”

“Well see that “reptile” coming to see me?”

“Yes boss”

“Well give him a good wetting will you?”

“Yes boss”

A couple of minutes later the poor salesman dripped his way into the site office.

As he stood there dripping miserably and muddily onto the floor, the site manager looked up and said “Yes, can I help you?” Oh the joys of selling in February!