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Get the dress code right

We had just won a project with a major firm of actuaries.

My boss, Lars said he’d lead the kick-of workshop in a hotel in rural Oxfordshire.

“These are important people my friend. You need to look good. Wear a good suit. You do have a good suit don’t you?”  We turned up “suited and booted” only to find the client team were all dressed casually – their senior person most casual of all in rather unpleasant lime green and lilac!

At the coffee-break Lars looked at me. “You got the dress code wrong my friend.” (It’s always the relationship manager’s fault!). We better get changed. We ran to our rooms and changed into casual clothes.

As we entered the room we found all the clients in suits!  As soon as we had left the room Jimmy had apparently said to his team “We obviously got the dress code wrong.  Off to your rooms and quick change into suits!”

We eventually managed to get aligned but it wasn’t the best coordinated effort!