Selling is changing, fast. The world is more volatile and uncertain. Economic growth is slow. Buyers are behaving differently. At SalesLevers, we have identified four main driving forces behind these changes:

  1. Ever since the financial crisis, the world has been more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We can’t; we don’t have the luxury of waiting until things “return to normal” to make sales grow again.
  2. Global and national economic growth are not robust. We need to achieve growth even when the market isn’t expanding. We need to win more market share or (better still) find new solutions and approaches.
  3. Buyers and buyer behaviours have changed. Whether you look at the data or know from experience, you know buyers are behaving differently. We can’t continue as analogue sales professionals in a digital buying world.
  4. Countless innovations and new technology are trying to change how we sell. But how can you tell a really valuable, useful solution from so much fluff and hype? How can you integrate solutions to support sales, instead of getting in your team’s way? Approaching innovation the right way, with a clear strategy, can save a lot of trouble and generate real results.

Many sales leaders will recognise these challenges. The difficulty is finding the right solution. We know there is a wide variety on the market, from legacy training providers still struggling to adapt to changing times (whilst still charging high fees), to numerous individuals with ideas, charm, but little real-world experience and success.

Instead of wasting your time and money in this way, we have taken a different approach, one that focuses on achieving results that make an impact on your team’s performance and sales figures. Here is how we apply our decades of experience and future-focus to make a real impact on your organisation:

  1. We integrate the art, the science and the business of sales. Most providers don’t combine all three, and yet selling is a careful blend of each discipline. Our directors bring valuable experience, skills and insights to a radically changing sales environment.
  2. We combine long, hard-earned sales experience with a focus on innovation. Our team observes the trends and understands what works well for each client, with solutions tailored to your needs.
  3. We work in partnership with individuals and businesses whom we have identified as sales change leaders, who agree with and follow our methodologies and disciplined service delivery. Not only does this ensure we have national and international coverage, but also the combined expertise and resources to multiply the value for our clients.
  4. We have developed robust models and tools to help our clients diagnose, formulate, develop, tune and re-calibrate to achieve sustainable sales excellence in an evolving and volatile sales environment.
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