Innovation is essential to keep performing in sales. But uncoordinated attempts to innovate can result in wasted training and technology budgets, without a sufficient uplift in performance.

At SalesLevers, we apply a proven, integrated, methodical approach to innovation, taking your team to new heights and enhanced results. We are always looking for innovative products or solutions that will make sales more effective. When we find solutions we believe will add value, we engage with them as partners to ensure our client’s benefit.

We also bring together observations you need to know in our quarterly SalesLevers Innovation Update (Signup here. We only send insights, no spam).

SalesLevers approaches innovation using our tried-and-tested 3×5 methodology:

ACE: 3 Levers for Sales Performance

Activities: Are your salespeople active enough? How many calls and meetings do they take every day/week or month? How much time does admin and other tasks take out of sales activities?

Increasing the number of sales calls and meetings is the quickest way to improve sales performance. We can show how a 25% increase in sales activity will improve performance within twelve weeks.

Concentration of focus: Do you know if your team are talking to the right prospects and accounts? Are they only going for an easy chat and biscuits, or are they working on a deal that is worth the effort? Time to find out.

Effectiveness: If you’ve found that your team are achieving the right activity levels and meeting with the right people, then the issue is effectiveness. As a sales leader, you need a clear picture of the TASK (talent, attitude, skills knowledge) of the sales team whilst having clear metrics for each stage of the sales process. We can implement a TASK diagnosis and, then put in place a plan for improving the performance of your team.

Want to find out what support your team needs? Try out our ACE Diagnostic test today:

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Now we apply a proven multiplier effect:

Advance5: 5 Moves Towards Sales Excellence

Move 1: Diagnose. SalesLevers deploys sales diagnostics, from the ACE Diagnostic, through sales conversation analysis, to a TASK diagnosis and sales performance tools.

Move 2: Formulate. Access to powerful new tools and insights, including a sales compensation tool, target setting toolkits, sales strategy outlines and team development plans.

Move 3: Develop. Many of the traditional approaches to developing salespeople are proving less effective and inefficient. Innovations in learning methodologies, neuroscience and delivery technologies can radically increase learning outcomes.

Move 4: Tune. Improving the team’s performance is not a one-off event but a continuous process. At SalesLevers, we have sought out innovations that make fine-tuning work more consistently: whether it’s innovations in coaching, delivery of just-in-time sales information, knowledge retention processes and a more efficient delivery of sales documentation.

Move 5: Re-calibrate. We live in changing times, so the effective sales organisation is always looking in the near-distance for threats and opportunities and is continuously adapting to likely changes. SalesLevers has techniques and tools to measure and validate, to plan for future success and to assess potential solutions that will drive forward sustainable sales performance.

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