Some business leaders, particularly those with venture (VC) or private equity (PE) backing, need to achieve ambitious sales targets. It is essential to the business growth strategy.

Investors want to achieve an exit. Maybe you have identified a market that is open to disruption, and you have first-mover advantage. Or what if you’ve been growing fast and already have a buyer in mind? Whatever your situation, whether you are on the board or an ambitious Founder/CEO, you aren’t looking to achieve stable, incremental growth. You are in an exciting minority!

SalesLevers, with decades of experience supporting sales growth, can build, diagnose, radically improve, train and grow the sales team to achieve consistent high-growth performance.

When you need to achieve high growth, sales needs to focus on the following:

  • Generate recurring and predictable revenue, instead of taking every sale they can grab which creates a dangerous cycle of peaks and troughs;

  • Transparent approach. Board members and investors need to see how the sales team works, where leads come from, what the value propositions are, why concentrate on particular markets/verticals, and what tools are in place to monitor and increase sales performance;

  • Scalable sales. Never rely on the “talent” of a few individuals. They could always leave. Instead, ensure your sales machine will grow with the business and keep performing.

SalesLevers can support your growth through these four areas:

  • Sales diagnostic. Understand the state of your sales machine.

  • Intensive sales uplift. Review and radically improve sales performance in 100 days.

  • Build business values through sales. Develop sales processes, tools, capabilities and leadership, to ensure the embedded value of the business is hard-wired into the sales team.

  • Gear up for the next phase. Accelerate and optimise sales growth, scale and demonstrate the value of the team to investors, the board and potential buyers (if that is your exit route).

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