Sales performance for a changing world

Selling is changing. The world is changing even faster. Businesses and sales leaders need sales performance management resources they can rely on. Sales Levers is built on decades of experience. The founding partners are known for delivering real results and consistently creating value for clients across the world, from multinationals to SMEs and startups.

This combination of hard-earned experience and insightful innovation allows us to diagnose and solve sales problems in a way that generates sustained payback.


Sales Levers will transform sales performance for companies that want to survive and thrive in a changing world.


  • Trust. Business Relationships are built on trust. We look to build and sustain that trust with clients and partners we trust and respect. We believe this trust is built on a combination of factors:
  • Credibility that comes from a mix of integrity, good intent, evidenced capabilities and proven results.
  • Reliability. We aim to demonstrate this in all we do from the start and through the relationship.
  • Intimacy. Although we are committed to a scientific, data-driven, business-like approach to sales, we want to keep it human and engage with warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Low self-orientation. Of course, we are motivated by commercial success, but we know that this will be achieved by keeping our focus on our clients’ best interests.


With clients, partners and suppliers, we practice a collaborative, forward-thinking, reflective approach when we undertake sales transformation projects. SalesLevers is pragmatic, data-driven and skilled at understanding complex challenges. We create innovative and integrated solutions that deliver a sustained return on investment.

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