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A not-so-kind recommendation

My colleague Mile and I were with clients in Denmark.  

One of the managers recommended a particular Danish cheese.  “But don’t get the standard strength. The mature one is much better.” We both loyally bought the cheese.  

On the flight home there was an unpleasant and noticeable enough smell emanating from the overhead lockers and passengers kept sniffing and looking at each other accusingly.  I got the cheese home and proudly presented it to my family, all of whom declined this international taste experience.

It sat untouched in the fridge (well sealed) for some time.  In the end I decided to give it my omnivorous dog, Cooder. I placed it in his bowl. It is the only time I ever saw Cooder approach food, sniff it and then step by step nervously back off with his hackles raised!  

After that it went in the bin.